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Cheryll Paleja“I did not expect Tamara to be so committed to helping me succeed. Her classes have a very personal touch that is hard to find in the online market today. Before taking her classes, I had pretty much given up on trying to bring a product to market. Over the last 13 years we’d spent about $15,000 on this dream with nothing to really show for it. As a result of taking these classes, I am FIRED UP! I feel smarter and empowered and now have the tools to be a success! — Cheryll Paleja 


Michele Smith“Product Sales Boot Camp was extremely upbeat, informative and inspiring! Tamara shared practical, applicable, cutting-edge tools, tips and resources to transform my vague notion of what I thought I needed to do to achieve success into a hard and fast actual PLAN of how to really do it! It was worth every penny and then some.” -- Michele Smith


Elizabeth Burach

I had dropped my project for three years prior to starting the classes with Tamara. I’d hit a roadblock, and didn’t know how to proceed. I now see that this process is just a series of “steps” that we need to take to bring our product to market, and I now feel that I have the tools to continue the journey.” — Elizabeth Burach 


IMAGINE… You Can Experience This Too!

I have taken everything I teach in my high-cost, live classes and condensed it into affordable home-study programs with step-by-step videos, workbooks, fill-in-the-blank templates, tools and resources. Now you can benefit from this invaluable information, for a fraction of the cost, and have it available at your fingertips 24/7.

The easy-to-follow Online Programs (outlined below) are designed to help you achieve your dreams and financial goals FAST. You will love how they are packaged! You will receive immediate access to a private members area where each program is organized in clear, step-by-step video modules. Through these modules, I will guide you every step of the way. And, most importantly, you will not be alone. Once you choose the right program for you, you will have immediate access to forums where you can connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs on the same journey.

After completing these programs, you will be energized, inspired and have every bit of knowledge you need to get your product out into the world and enjoy the financial benefits that come with success.  Read on to find the right program for you.

Program #1:  Getting Started!
Introducing: How Hot is Your Product? On-Demand Product Evaluation System 
This online program answers the question:  “I have an idea how do I get started?” And, it will help you determine if you have a viable business idea. Not only will you get clear answers as to the true business opportunity but you will also understand what to do next.  The step-by-step system includes easy to follow Video Modules + Workbook.
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Program #2:  Rocket Your idea to Market!
Introducing: The Ultimate Product Launch On-Demand System - This online program answers the questions: I’ve been plugging away…but how do I know if I’m on track? How can I avoid costly mistakes? How can I get my product to market faster?” Program covers:  Prototyping, manufacturing, Funding, Creative Branding, PR and Digital Marketing Tools, Selling Your Products to Retail Stores, and Getting in the Media Spotlight.  The step-by-step system includes easy to follow Video Modules + Workbook.
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Program #3:  Knock Down Retail Doors!
Introducing: Product Sales Boot Camp On-Demand Program

This online program will help you focus and organize your sales and marketing efforts, unhinge retail doors, and get buyers asking you for more! You will be given invaluable fill-in-the blank sales and marketing plans (with sample plans to spark new ideas) and the priceless email template to send to retail buyers that my students have used to successfully land major retail accounts. The step-by-step system includes easy to follow Video Modules + Workbook + Sales & Marketing Plan Templates.
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Do you need All Three Programs to Get to Market FAST?
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1) How Hot is Your Product?
2) The Ultimate Product Launch System
3) Product Sales Bootcamp


My students say it all…

Valarie Moody“Tamara not only provides great insight into how selling your invention works and the behind-the-scenes preparation you will need, she provides useful tools to organize your thoughts to help propel your business forward.  Furthermore, she’s an amazingly positive person that leads you to see your goals bigger than when you first met her.  I highly recommend working with Tamara Monosoff!” — Valarie Moody, owner of Fodeez

“I am a serial entrepreneur with lots of ideas, self-motivation and passion for what I do. But being Steffani Adaskaa solo flyer I sometimes need direction. Tamara’s mentoring programs was vital in keeping me focused and driven towards my goal. She is so generous with her knowledge and genuinely cares about your success. She is not afraid to say it like it is, give you the hard truth and encourages you step outside your comfort zone to take a good look at the viability of your idea(s). I also really appreciated, and benefited from, the great motivation and unique ideas gained from other mentees of the mentoring program. Having reassurance from others fosters inspiration and confidence to keep moving forward. It doesn’t get better than that. Thank you Tamara!”  — Chef Steffani Adaska, creator of The GrateMate™

As a business owner of 2 years, I was feeling stuck and needed some ideas and a little support to push things to the next Ann Hurleylevel. Tamara is amazing! She gave me fresh marketing ideas when I thought I had already tried everything. Her classes were packed with tons of resources that would have taken hours to find on my own. She shared her knowledge of these resources (marketing, manufacturing, etc.) to the point I knew exactly which ones would be a great fit for my company. Her classes were so informative and positive, I couldn’t wait to get back to working on my business with the new tools she had given me. She even helped me land a meeting with a senior buyer from a Big Box Retail Store! I strongly recommend this class not only to entrepreneurs just starting up, but entrepreneurs who have been working on their business for awhile and need a little nudge or fresh inspiration. Thank you Tamara for your time, insight and generosity. I can’t wait to see how applying everything I learned in your class will change my business! — Ann Hurley, owner of Luv Chicken

Bonnie NesbittThis is by far the best class I’ve ever signed up for. You have given me more information in 8 weeks than I could have gotten in 8 years on my own. I also know that your giving us the information honestly. I know that everything you’ve shared is to help me succeed. You’ve shared your life story so I could learn from your mistakes and celebrate in your victories – to better empower me to have the courage and knowledge to create a reality with what I thought would just stay a dream. If you have ever had an idea that you think may sell, don’t wait another day! Sign up with Tamara Monosoff to learn, step by step, how to and how NOT to take this idea forward. Tamara’s classes, her encouragement, and support empower you. She gives you the tools to know how to control the outcome, be it patenting, licensing or finding money and the right niche in the marketplace. I’ve struggled on my own for well over a year. With Tamara’s knowledge and wisdom, I am now ready to move forward with confidence. I could not have done this without her. Thanks Tamara!” — Bonnie Nesbitt

CarrieSigning up for Tamara’s Power Mentoring I & II was the best decision for my start-up!  I’ve been working on my product for a little over a year and the amount of information of resources and learning from Tamara’s experiences have given me valuable tools and guidance to forge ahead.  Now, I have a clear knowledge of how-to and the confidence to succeed!  Thank you, Tamara for your teachings and support!” – Carrie Ushiba, PawdPet,LLC

“I am so happy that I took both classes. Being a total novice, I felt Power Mentoring 1 eased me into the process. Tamara explains vicky smeverything in a very easy to understand format. She stops to answer questions and makes sure everyone is understanding what she is explaining. Not only does she teach the class but she offers so much more! The classes are recorded so at anytime I can go back and review. She makes herself available by email so if I needed further explanation on a topic she was there for me. She shows enthusiasm which kept me motivated! She shares information that would take you hours upon hours to research and obtain. She asks the right questions to make you think about every possible scenario.  Power Mentoring II gave me so much more. From having the guest speakers answer our questions. To all of the websites given to obtain information, and the benefit of having “classmates” to review your product and give you honest feedback. It has been so much more than I ever expected. I highly recommend taking these classes. I have had my product idea for years, thanks to this program I am going from an idea to a product!” — Vicky Giesegh

Jessica G“I learned so much from Tamara’s mentoring program! The information and structure of the program was excellent! Initially, I was concerned about the cost of the program but found that this course is well worth it! Classes are all interesting and filled with valuable and useful information. Tamara shares her industry knowledge, guides you in the right direction, emphasizes key phases of your business to focus on, shares her favorite resources, advises on what to delegate, and informs you how to avoid costly mistakes. Taking this course helped me piece the puzzle together for a first time inventor. Knowledge is power and I think Tamara’s mentoring program gives you tools to organize and set yourself up for success.”  — Jessica Goirigo

I’m so happy that we invested in Tamara’s Power Mentoring II Course. Tamara packs an amazing amount of knowledge and advice into David and Chriseach session, and her enthusiasm and love for what she does makes her words shine. We’re a two year old start-up company that’s had success, but now we find ourselves at a crossroad. Along the way we’ve gotten a lot of advice. But none like Tamara’s…her insights are spot-on. Thanks Tamara for helping us find the direction and motivation to push onward!” — David Harges and Christine DeSavino, Founders of DaisyGrip KittyWoodworth

Last year I took a six-month entrepreneur MBA course from a well regarded University in the San Francisco Bay Area. The focus was to help students learn how to develop and market their products. I can tell you that Tamara has already introduced more material and information (in one class) than I received in three sessions from that course. We are all going to benefit from Tamara’s passion and expertise.” Kitty Woodworth  becky colvin

“Goethe is quoted as saying “instruction is much, encouragement is everything.” The Power Mentoring sessions with Tamara Monosoff enabled me to understand what that means. When I was nervous, she made me feel at ease. When I was so excited, she helped me calm and focus. When I was scared to face all the possibilities,negative as well as positive, she helped me open my eyes. She conveyed even more information through her presence than I gleaned from her books alone. I could tell she has both book smarts and common sense from her videos but what I heard as I talked with her in person is her wisdom and her genuineness. I found she could counterbalance my every emotion so that I can continue onward in a steady fashion. Thank you for being my mentor.”– Becky Colvin

“I have spent relentless hours trying to bring my idea to fruition, only to get discouraged because I did not have the knowledge or confidence to move forward. Toni HafnerTamara’s Power Mentoring I and II Classes have given me the tools and necessary steps to succeed. The experience has been invaluable and because I can use what I have learned for future ideas, makes the program priceless. Thank you Tamara! You have EMPOWERED me!”Toni Hafner 

I can’t wait to work with you!

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